Open Enrollment is Here Again!

Give yourself a Christmas present of knowledge this year.


After many months and many requests, we are once again offering open enrollment for our popular Modern Technologies in Rope Rescue class. Come join us in Lancaster, PA on December 7 and 8 2019 to learn how much more efficient your rescues can be with a few pieces of modern gear and a whole lot of practical applications learned from real world experiences. Here is your chance to keep up on the latest equipment and trends in the rope rescue world.


We are just back from the International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) and have all of the latest thoughts and research to share with you.  This class has been revised and will now include presentations on :

  • Aerial Ladders as High Directionals
  • In depth look (with force measurements!) on the Appalachian Doortex
  • Pull test data associated with Boutique Bowlines. This is a brand new presentation that we presented this at this year’s ITRS. Are you sure that fancy bowline you are using is strong enough?



Other topics this time around include:

Use of the newly released CLUTCH from CMC/Harken. We will have two of our own available for you to use and abuse.

In depth discussion and use of the Two Tension Rope System utilizing the CLUTCH and MPD.

Use of  the Arizona Vortex  high directional in the urban environment.

The Rescue 2 Training original: The Appalachian Doortex! For urban anchoring and elevator rescue. High Directional? Anchor? Both!?… Come find out!

Rope Access skills for the Fire Department rescuer


…And much more.

The cost of this two day, 16 hour class is $325 per person. Just bring a harness, helmet, and any ideas or equipment you would like to see used.

Please contact Kelly Byrne at 240-462-6610 or with any questions.


Class Registration



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